boxee-miso: first steps

Some months ago, Miso team announced that they will be release an API. If you don’t know, Miso is a social platform for sharing your media activities (something like Foursquare but for tv shows and movies). So, a few days ago, this API was released and I registered an application named boxee-miso. My goal is have a nice way to integrate Miso into Boxee fabulous interface. If you haven’t Boxee, don’t wait to download it!

The first thing I did was looking for the code which paint the «share» window in Boxee. I’m using MacOS X, so I found it in


. This XML file has a lot of elements, but what we need is to paint a button for checking in our Miso account. I add a new item (the middle one) like you can see in the next code:

I still don’t know what is the purpose of «controlid» param, but the others is quite easy to understand. The key of problem is to use well the «onclick» param. Fortunately, Boxee is based in XBMC, and I could found good documentation in this wiki. So we will use RunScript in order to execute a python script which will receive some params (like name of the show, season or episode).

The image specified by «thumb» param is stored in



Thanks to all of this, I have reached write some content in the Boxee log using the script specified in the «onclick» param. Now, I am working with the OAuth authentication of Miso API. I will keep you informed.