Saving and loading tasks in MOA

MOA (Massive Online Analysis) is a great opensource and free software for data stream mining. If you are an enthusiastic of machine learning, classification or clustering, you should try it.

You can work with MOA using the GUI, as well as the command line interface via Java. If you are using the graphical interface, you can’t save and load previous tasks. Because of this, i have done some modifications in order to make my work easy.

As you can see in the image, I have add a couple of buttons to the interface:

  • Save Log: create a log file with the strings of the tasks previously executed (you can select one or more from the task list).
  • Set task manually: load a panel in which you can write the command of the task to run (for example, you can copy and paste a task from a previous log file).

The patch for moa.gui.TaskManagerPanel class is available in pastebin.