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Installing OpenLDAP in a Webfaction server

There are several forum threads regarding problems with the installation of OpenLDAP. The main issue that I faced has been the compatibility with Berkley DB libraries. I found in this site that the required version of Berkley DB for compiling OpenLDAP is 4.8. The steps for the installation are described below.

Once the Berkley DB library is installed, we can proceed to install OpenLDAP indicating the correct paths.

Finally, if we want to install also python-ldap library using pip we will find that the installation fails. For solving this issue, we have to indicate where OpenLDAP is located. If we are using a virtual environment (if not, you should!), we have to edit the following lines in the file $YOUR_VIRTUALENV_FOLDER/build/python-ldap/setup.cfg as explained by eikonomega.

I hope you find this post useful. Beware that installation steps may vary depending on your linux server and software versions.